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Acktar is a world leader in light absorption, super black material and blackening of opto-mechanical components. Now available for light trapping applications at lens housing, light baffle, IR sensor, UV sensor, passive infrared detector, black body, light detector, UV absorber, etc.

Acktar provides VIS, SWIR and MWIR high absorbing coatings for stray light suppression. Acktar is the Supplier of Choice for ESA and NASA project - James Webb Space Telescope. Click here to view the latest press release.

Black Metal Velvet - the world's blackest black. The only industrial black coating that has below 1% total (hemispherical) reflectance at wavelength range 10nm-10,000nm. Metal Velvet has ultra-diffusive black matte finish exceeding major optical black paints and layers.


10 - 12 February 2015
The Moscone Center
San Francisco, California, USA

BOOTH 5019 North Hall

22 - 25 June 2015
Munich, Germany

BOOTH B1.122

22 - 26 June 2015
Pau, France

High Emissivity Black Optical Coating for nearly entire light absorption in Ultraviolet (EUV, DUV, UV), Visible (VIS) and Infra-Red (IR) Light. Beyond the competition for applications requiring "zero" stray light, no outgassing, high vibration stability, low thickness and absence of paticulation at mass production quantities.
Light trapping low outgassing world's darkest material available in running meters or blackened die-cuts / appliques.
Supplied as a coated black foil with or without self adhesive backing. Clean room compatible replacement of black anodized and black flocking material.
Now available either from our web store or from the Edmund Optics catalog.
Pre-cut black-out metal appliques.
Trap stray light in any part of your optical system.
Now available either from our web store or from the Edmund Optics catalog.

Patternable high optical density (OD) black film / antireflective coating for wafer level optics, MEMS, CMOS, color filters, black matrix, edge blackened optics and micro-lenses from glass and polymers for mobile optics, infrared sensors, endoscopes and other applications.

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