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Acktar’s Mission for the Environment

A key aspect of Acktar’s activities - and a central part of its mission and R&D efforts - is its contribution to maintaining a clean environment.
Acktar's proprietary coating processes are based on the generation of an engineered surface – with controlled topology - by the deposition of an inorganic and completely non-toxic material on a substrate under vacuum conditions.
The processes which Acktar technology typically replaces are based on the chemical etching or anodizing of a substrate – using environmentally dangerous materials and generating toxic waste products.
Acktar’s coating processes do not use any environmentally damaging materials and do not generate any undesirable waste products.
The basic nature of the processes – generating a surface topology by vacuum deposition rather than by etching of the substrate – is the basis for the ecological friendliness of Acktar.
A specific example is the Acktar's patented process for producing electrolytic capacitor electrode foil. The process replaces large scale etching facilities which generate huge quantities of toxic waste. The elimination of the cost of treating these toxic wastes is a further advantage of the Acktar technology.
In another area of importance for the environment - Solar Energy - Acktar Advanced Black Selective Coatings will soon be applied to improve the performance of solar heat collectors. Improved thermal performance will lead to improved economic performance and more widespread usage – thus contributing to a decrease in the consumption of fuel for power generation.

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