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Markets and Applications

Acktar's proprietary sophisticated vacuum deposition (vacuum coating) technology generates coatings with unique characteristics - superior to those achievable by other processes - with important commercial applications. The usage of Acktar coatings yields major improvements in a wide range of products and applications.

Market Area

Product application

Performance enhancement

Key words

Recommended Acktar products

Previous solutions


Satellite optics

Satellite star-trackers

Space telescopes

James Webb space telescope

See other space projects using Acktar Black

Diffuse black material

Scattered light reduction

Stray-light suppression

Low outgassing

No particulates

space optics

stray light

space qualified

star trackers

high vibration stability

Vacuum Black

Magic Black

Fractal Black


black Anodize


Passive thermal control

Energy absorption

space thermal control

Nano Black


Cooled and uncooled  IR detector parts

Cryogenic compatibility

Low outgassing

IR absorbing

IR detectors

cold shields

cooled detectors

Fractal Black

Ultra Black

Vacuum Black

 Black paint

Missile seeker parts

Reduce stray light and improve image quality

stray light

optical seekers

Facilitate Detection of Small Targets ý




Enabling Technology For 3rd Generation Imagersý




Man Recognition and Identification




Remote sensing targets

High emittance surface

Low emittance surface

Selective emissivity

Fractal Black

Nano Black


Sensing And Imaging

IR Optical Systems



stray light

light absorbing

optical noise

dark material

Fractal Black

Magic Black

Ultra Black




thermal cameras

Calibration standard; stray light control


LED arrays – contrast enhancement

Trap scattered and stray photons


optical cross-talk

Magic Black

Vacuum Black


Semiconductor – wafer level

Optical detector arrays

Optical signal to noise ratio improvement

pixel delineation

cross talk


Magic Black


Pyroelectric detector array elements

Thin absorption layer with low thermal mass

detector thermal sensitivity

detector sensitivity

Fractal Black

Optical MEMS,

CMOS sensors

Low reflective & high damage threshold

Patternable thin black film


Lab on chip

High specific area,

Ligand support properties

Non fluorescence  porous biocompatible

High specific surface area

Semiconductor equipment manufacturing

Process heat dissipation

Energy absorption

process through-put

cool down time

heat absorption

Fractal Black


UV photo-lithography optics

Ghost image suppression,

Secondary photons absorption

UV tolerant coatings

improved optics life

damage threshold

Vacuum Black

Magic Black

Black matrix, color filters, patterned

light absorbing blackout material

black thin film

Litho Black

Optical Instrumentation

Black bodies

High emissivity

true black


Fractal Black

Ultra Black


Lenses rim

Ghost images suppression

low reflectivity

Vacuum Black

Glass blackening

Black pattern; precise photo mask

light blocking material

black film

Vacuum Black

Internal parts

Undesired reflection elimination

super black

Magic Black

Laser beam dumps

Energy absorption; high damage thresholds


laser damage threshold

laser energy absorption


Magic Black

Fractal Black

Laser power meters

Energy absorption; high damage thresholds

high emissivity

high damage threshold

Apertures, baffles

Light trapping, baffling, beam stopping

black-out material

Fractal  Black

Magic Black

Martin black

Astronomic telescopes

Black diffuse surfaces, ambient light baffles

light absorbing material
super dark material

Automotive Optics

Safety and IR cameras

Infrared optically black material with very low reflectance at grazing angles


Metal Velvet

Magic Black


Flock paper

Black appliques

Minimize reflection, lead to higher signal to noise performance

Self-adhesive black foil, flock paper, high temperature stability, humidity resistance

HUD parts

Block out unwanted light


Medical Optics


Stray-light suppression

bio-compatible black coating

non-fluorescence black membrane

Metal velvet

Magic Black


Raman spectroscopy

Black out material



High-performance electrodes

Ultra-high specific surface area

 capacitor electrodes

Other products

Solar Energy

Thermal solar collectors

Black absorber

solar selective coating

Nano Black


Digital cinema cameras

Stray-light management

stray light

satin black, matte black, flat black

Black Optical Coatings

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