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Black Coating Services

Acktar is a world leader in high emissivity / high absorptance black coatings for stray light suppression in high performance optics. The combination of a very low reflectance, high thermal stability, excellent adhesion, and low outgassing in a coating only microns thick is unique. Acktar coatings are suitable for essentially all engineering materials - metals and alloys, engineering polymers, silicon, glass, and ceramics.


Inorganic Coating for Visible and Near Infrared Spectrum

Magic Black, Vacuum Black™

* Wide band performance
* Specular absorptance 99.99%
Unique wide band coating for UV ,VIS, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR

Unique wide band coating for UV ,VIS, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR.
A completely inorganic layer with very low thickness.
Coating for Medium and Low Infra Red Wavelengths

Coating for medium and low infra red wavelengths with extremely low reflectance.
Selective Black Coating

Selective coatings with highly-controlled morphology delivers extraordinary stability and high thermal efficiency.
Wafer Level Light Absorbing Coating

Wafer level patternable light absorbing overcoat on wafers and serves to suppress stray light and optical cross-talk while accurately delineating detector element geometry.


Black Optical Coatings - Spectral Reflectance Comparison

All Acktar coatings can be applied directly on discrete components and on roll materials, except Metal Velvet Coating™ which can be provided as roll material only.

Low Reflectance Coatings

Optical Coating Types


Nano Black™

Magic Black™

Vacuum Black™

Fractal Black™

Ultra* Black™

Coating thickness (µm)

0.3 - 1

4 - 7

3 - 5

5 - 14

13 - 25

Working temperature

-70 °C to
+250 °C

-269 °C to +350 °C (4°K to 623 °K)

Weight of coating

0.1 - 0.25

1.1 - 1.6

0.7 - 1.1

1.6 - 3.2

3.3 - 6.5

Abrasion resistance






Adhesion Coated pieces withstand scotch tape test (3M853 Crystal Clear tape, strength of 13N per 25mm), without any evidence of coating removal.
1. CVCM (%) 0.001
2. RML (%) 0.2
Chemical content completely inorganic
Surface resistivity



Laser induced damage thresholds data


Coated pieces withstand cleaning with ethanol, IPA or acetone with no change in optical and technical characteristics.
Magic Black™, Metal Velvet™ and Litho Black™  should be cleaned very gently.

* Ultra Black can be provided on planar parts only
** The data should be considered typical/representative only

Quick Quote - Parts Coating Service

Note: the values are average for above selected wavelength band

Part Dimensions:
Length: mm
Width:    mm
Height:  mm
Upload drawing (if available):
Define Areas to be Coated and or Masked (free from any coating).

Immediate Need Quantity:

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