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Company Profile

Acktar is a world technology leader in the development, industrialization and production of black light absorbing coatings which deliver unique performance. This performance is not available elsewhere and is important in many applications.

These proprietary coatings are based on vacuum deposition technologies, are ecologically clean, and in many cases replace traditional processes which are sources of pollutants and toxic substances.

Acktar Ltd. is located in Kiryat-Gat, Israel, with subsidiaries in Germany, Japan and Korea.

Applications of Acktar's industrial coatings
  • Internal parts of optical systems.
  • UV, Visible and IR light absorbing tapes.
  • High specific surface area coatings, replacing etching, graining, anodizing and other processes.
  • Cold shields and other IR detectors parts.
  • Emitters, blackbodies.
  • Thermal radiators for thermal control system (with pre-determined solar absorptance/ thermal emittance ratios).
  • Parts for thermographic cameras, night vision systems.
  • Radiation absorbing layers for temperature sensors.
  • Heat dissipation coatings for electronic systems.
  • High capacitance anode and cathode foils.
Added Value:
  • Best lead times in the industry.
  • Low minimum quantities.
  • Competitive pricing.

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