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Litho-Black™ - Optical Coating

wafer scale microscope image of patterned coating - etching process on glass IR Pyroelectric Detector Array Wafers IR Pyroelectric Detector Array Wafers


Litho-BlackTM is applied as a wafer level patternable light absorbing overcoat on wafers and serves to suppress stray light and optical cross-talk while accurately delineating detector element geometry.

Litho-BlackTM combines very high absorptance in the UV, VIS and IR wavelength bands and compatibility with photolithographic processing.
Composed exclusively of non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal oxides, Litho-BlackTM is completely inorganic and does do not incorporate any organic materials or other chemicals and no such materials are used in the generation of the coatings.
Litho-BlackTM is the latest addition to Acktar’s range of unique high-performance light-absorbing black coatings.
Acktar is a world leader in the development and production of light absorbing coatings and all of Acktar’s range of black coatings are of the finest quality and comply with the most stringent international and customer-specific standards. Produced using proprietary vacuum coating technology, the coatings are vacuum and cryogenic compatible and are applied in a broad variety of applications – including space.
A description of the standard Acktar coatings is provided in the attached brochure.


Optical Coating


Optical Coating

Litho-BlackTM Features and Characteristics

  • very low reflectivity
  • tailorable electrical resistivity – conductor or insulator
  • etching or lift-off compatible
  • 3 micron feature sizes 
  • virtually any substrate – silicon, glass, etc.
  • extremely low outgassing
  • no particulation
  • compatibility with lithographic process chemicals (details upon request)
  • process temperature < 180 deg C



Typical Litho-BlackTM Applications

1 – IR Pyroelectric Detector Array Wafers

  • more IR absorbed 
  • more heat into pyro-layer
  • higher detector sensitivity

2 - 1024 Element Uncooled Linear Array Wafer

Electrically insulating, low reflective coating covering the entire surface; leaving accurately sized windows over the elements

  • generates uniform element width for uniform element response by covering spare edges.
  • non-sensitive areas covered with low reflectivity coating for stray light suppression.

Litho Black (PDF Format)

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