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From Space to Solar Thermal

Acktar is a world leader in the manufacturing and development of light absorbing coatings for space applications. Space environment comprises: extreme cosmic radiation (including ultraviolet, infrared and gamma radiation), high temperature, atomic oxygen and other demanding conditions. The continuous pursuit of solutions for such high end applications has driven Acktar coating technology to unprecedented performance in term of long term stability and absorptance efficiency. Now Acktar makes this unique technology available for solar thermal applications.

Features & Advantages:

  • Unprecedented thermal efficiency
  • Ideal for 200-300  C concentrating
  • solar systems
  • Self adhesive applicable to any surface
  • Suitable for coating any substrate material (aluminium, copper, stainless steel, glass, polymers, etc.)
  • Can be used on virtually any receiver shape/geometry
    Allows in-house application to any existing design at collector manufacturers site
  • Suitable for renewing old systems
  • Excellent humidity resistance
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Solar collectors
    (usual flat plate & concentrating)
  • Process heat
  • Solar cooling
  • Renewing old systems
  • Passive climate management for
  • solar buildings
  • Solar power plants

Acktars Nano Black selective coatings unique morphology 
delivers extraordinary stability and highest-in-the-industry thermal efficiency

Solar absorptance: 98%   1%
Thermal emittance: 11%   2%

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