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Acktar 3D Slides

  • Microarray slides for high throughput screening as well as general assays and analysis
  • Provides high binding capacity of biomolecules for higher intensity of signals and better spot morphology and zero fluorescence background
  • Pico molar level detection
  • Proprietary 3D thin inorganic film
  • Film thickness < microns
  • New highly advantageous replacement of nitrocellulose
  • Operational temperature: cryogenic 350 degrees Centigrade
  • Available in various colors: Black / White / Clear
  • Wide range tailored contact angle from: 3 to 140
  • Tailored functional groups
  • Zero to Low auto-fluorescence

Microarray Slides & Microarray Substrates 


Acktar 3D glass slides offers microarray slides with black, white, and clear 3D film. The slides have zero to low auto-fluorescence and high surface area binding capacity, resulting in increased intensity of the signal and sensitivity of the measurements. The slides are especially suited for applications requiring low background fluorescence and high signal. The surfaces can be tailored to have various functional groups terminations (e.g. epoxy, amine, etc) and modified for exhibiting required wetting properties (hydrophilic/hydrophobic surfaces; contact angles of 3-140 deg). Biomolecules can be linked to Acktars BioBlack slides and utilized for printing microarrays and immobilization of DNA and proteins. The slides can be especially utilized to microarray printing application. Poly-l-lysine coated Acktar 3D slides can be utilized for cell adhesion, cell microarray slides or as a biocompatible coating for linking other biomaterials.


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