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2.     A single photoelectric sensor element, either used stand-alone or a pixel site, part of a larger sensor array.  Photometry - Measurement of light which is visible to the human eye

3.     Image formation using wavelengths just above the visible spectrum

6.     Lighting an object with a laser source for frequency selection, pulse width (strobe) control or for accurate positioning.

8.     Measurement of light within the entire optical spectrum

9.     Light which falls directly onto an object




1.     Projection of an object or scene onto a plane

2.     A small, sharp edged hole, acts as a lens aperture which produces a soft edged image, is distortion free, with a wide field of view and large depth of field.

4.     Lens that is specially designed so that chromatic aberations in the infra-red wavelengths are corrected

5.     The relative brightness of a portion of the image or illumination source

7.     Light emitting diode









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