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5.     Gauge pressure less than ambient pressure using ambient pressure as a reference.

6.     An infrared detector that functions by measuring the heating effect of the incident radiation

7.     Any electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between 0.78 and 300 µM

8.     The smallest change in mechanical input which produces a change in the output signal.




1.     An object that absorbs all incident radiation regardless of spectral or directional composition

2.     The limit of deviation from the set point of a pressure or vacuum switch. It is usually defined in either pounds per square inch, or percentage of full scale.

3.     A device that detects the value or the change of value of a physical quantity or parameter and converts the value into a signal for an indicating or recording instrument

4.     The luminous intensity of a surface in a given direction per unit of projected area in a plane perpendicular to that direction









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