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Infra-Red (IR)





2.     A procedure that is performed to determine and set the parameters affecting
an IR radiometer's performance in order to ensure its designed function within prescribed limits.

3.     The temperature of -273.15° C, -459.69° F, or 0° K;
The temperature at which molecular motion vanishes and a body would have no heat energy.

7.     Radiation that enters an instrument from sources other than the intended target.

9.     The ratio of the radiant energy reflected from a surface to that incident on the surface.

10.   Temperature sensor for non contact high temperature measurement
operated by allowing the operator to compare the intensity of light from an object to that from a standard reference lamp.




1.     An instrument that determines the temperature of an object by means of detecting and quantifying
the infrared radiation eceived therefrom within multiple narrow wavelength bands.
Types include total power, wide band, narrow band, and multiple wavelengths

4.     At a given wavelength the ratio of infrared energy radiated by an object at a given temperature
to that emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature.

5.     Transducer which produces a voltage or current proportional to the electromagnetic energy incident upon it.

6.     A source of radiant emissions for which the emissivity is less than 1 but constant
and therefore, independent of wavelength.

8.     The object whose temperature is determined.








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