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3.     The unit of measure used to define the refractive power of a lens and to prescribe lenses for correction of the eye.

4.     Viewing a scene through two channels; i.e. one channel per eye.

6.     These are common blemishes in the image intensifier of the NVD or can be dirt or debris between the lenses of the NVG.

9.     These can be defects in the image area produced by the NVG

10.   Steady or fluctuating pinpoint of bright light in the image area that does not go away when all light is blocked from the objective lens.




1.     Viewing a single image source with both eyes (example: watching a television set).

2.     The alignment of a weapon aiming device to the bore of the weapon. See also Zeroing.

5.     An electronic feature that automatically reduces voltages to the microchannel plate to keep the image intensifier's brightness within optimal limits and protect the tube.

7.     A standard still and video camera lens thread size for mounting to the body of a camera.

8.     Loss of the vision image or parts of it due to intensifier tube overloading by a bright light source.








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