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2.     Process of attraction or attachment to a surface. The retention of foreign  molecules on the surface of a substance.

5.     The negative terminal of an electrolytic cell which, in the corrosion process, is protected and  not attacked.

9.     The ability of a coating to resist degradation due to mechanical wear




1.     The cleaning and roughing of a surface by the use of sand, artificial grit, or fine metal shot which  is projected at a surface by compressed air or mechanical means.

2.     The positive terminal of an electric source. In a corrosion cell, the anode is the electrode that has  the greater tendency to go into solution or the point at which corrosion occurs.

3.     A compound used to extend or bulk a coating to provide extra body or hiding power

4.     The treatment of a surface with an acid in order to dissolve loose particles or provide a profile.

6.     The degree of attachment between a coating film and the underlying  material to which it is in contact.

7.     The wet or dry film thickness of a coating.

8.     The temperature of a surface, at a given ambient temperature and relative humidity, at which  condensation of moisture will occur



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