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1.     Takes place when different parts of a beam incident on a surface are reflected over a wide range of angles in accordance with Lambert's law. The intensity will fall-off as the inverse of the square of the distance away from the surface and also obey a cosine law of reflection.

3.     The magnitude of accessible laser (or other collateral) radiation of a specific wavelength or emission duration at a particular point as measured by appropriate methods and devices

7.     The visual sensation of the luminous intensity of a light source. The brightness of a laser beam is most closely associated with the radiometric concept of radiance.

8.     Invisible electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths which lie within the range of 0.70 to 1000 micrometers. This region is often broken up into IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C.




2.     The number of light waves passing a fixed point in a given unit of time, or the number of complete vibrations in that period of time.

3.     Antireflection coatings used on optical components to suppress unwanted reflections.

4.     The magnitude of radiant energy.

5.     Act of giving off radiant energy by an atom or molecule.

6.     Transformation of radiant energy to a different form of energy by the interaction of matter, depending on temperature and wavelength.

7.     A collection of rays that may be parallel, convergent, or divergent.









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