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3.     Refers to the in-focus region of an imaging system

4.     Refers to an image sensor technology that is manufactured using the same processes as computer chips. This technology works like a photodiode where the light 'gates' a current that that is representative of the amount of light impinging on each pixel

7.     A photo-sensitive image sensor implemented with large scale integration technology

8.     Light which bounces off an object surface in many different directions. Light radiated from a matte surface is highly diffused.




1.     Normally a wavelength or range of wavelengths of light or visible light used to enhance a scene so the detector, normally a camera, can produce an image.

2.     The emission of light or other electromagnetic radiation at longer wavelengths by matter as a result of absorption of a shorter wavelength. The emission lasts only as long as the stimulating irradiation is present.

5.     The difference of light intensity between two adjacent regions in the image of an object

6.     A device or process that selectively transmits frequencies. In optics, the material either reflects or absorbs certain wavelengths of light, while passing others

9.     The total range of wavelengths, extending from the longest (audio) to the shortest (gamma rays) which can be physically generated









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