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Acktar Die-Cut Black Label Solution

Readymade Light Trapping Adhesive Labels


Acktar black coated light absorbing foils make it possible to benefit from the unique  performance of the well-known.

Acktar black coatings - without the need to ship parts to the Acktar facility for coating.

Acktar now offers these foils as preforms - Die-cut to customer specifications and delivered “ready for use” for application on customer’s parts - by the customer.

Readymade Light Trapping Adhesive Labels


The preform option includes:

• Coating type – Metal Velvet or Spectral Black
• 2D– for attachment to flat, concave, or convex surfaces
• Adhesive options – standard, hi-temperature
• Appropriate for plastic and metal parts

Key Features and Advantages

• Conformal thin flexible foil
• Cost-effective, Mass Production solutions
• Ready for use - easy to handle and install
• Appropriate for plastic and metal parts
• Low outgassing adhesive

Typical applications

• Laser beam dump
• Projectors & Displays
• Baffles & apertures
• Thermal management
• Spectrometers
Die-Cut Black Label Solution



Getting Started with Acktar Stray Light Control Kit
The Acktar Stray Light Control Kit incorporates a selection of precut shapes.
These kit can be used to gain familiarity with the performance and for
testing – or for solving a variety of laboratory stray light problems.

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