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Customer's Valuation

"…The samples withstand the cryogenic conditions during measurement without problems.

The main advantage of Fractal Black for us is the relatively high blackness at low temperatures (10K-50K) of the source of the thermal radiation achieved by small thickness of the coating (thin layer which is 40 times thinner than our epoxy layer) ... "                                                                                         

                                                                                        Tomas Kralik - ISI Brno



"… I was very impressed not to see ANY effect on the coating from shining onto it with up to 3500W of laser power in a 18mm diameter beam!  It’s definitely the blackest thing I ever saw.  Actually it performs even better than the coatings on the power meters I use, which tend to burn in at these power levels…"                                                                         

                                                          David Toebaert - E.L.A.S. NV




"I was very impressed from your black coating its ability to be very thin and yet good absorber. The black coating of Acktar made a difference in our light targets performance..."

                                              David Metzger - Optic R&D Group 

                                                                                                 Given Imaging 



Ultra-black coating is installed in CCD housing       

                             Fabra-ROA telescope at Montsec

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