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Light Absorbing Black Foils

Ultra Diffusive coated foil
Metal Velvel™ - Ultra Diffusive coated foil

* Wide band performance
* Specular absorptance 99.99%
Semi -Specular coated foil

* Wide band performance
* Class 100 clean room compatible
Super Black coated polymer film

* Thin & flexible
* Durable

Coated Foils

Acktar Coatings are available not only as coatings applied directly to parts, but also as coated foil – with or without a self-adhesive backing - for application to surfaces by the user. These foils constitute ideal solutions for large areas or for contaminated environments where the surface needs to be periodically renewed.

The coated foils incorporate the same performance features as the directly applied coatings and are available in versions corresponding to the standard Acktar coating types – either as sheets or as roll material.


Now available either from Acktar Store or from the Edmund Optics catalog.



Application of Acktar Coated Black Foils

Preform Black™

Coated foil preforms supplied cut-to-shape and applied to parts by the user constitute a simple, cost effective solution – where applicable - which makes it possible to benefit from the performance of Acktar black coatings without the need to ship parts to the Acktar facility for coating.


Patterned Parts

Coated Foil can be delivered as tight-toleranced patterned foils for application as optical apertures, diaphragms, and other patterned applications.

Key Features and Advantages

·         Conformal thin flexible foil

·         Ready for use - easy to handle and install

·         Appropriate for plastic and metal parts

·         High emissivity / low reflectance

·         Extremely low outgassing

·         No particulation

·         Vacuum, cryogenic, and clean room compatible

·         Cryogenic  to  +350 o C

·         Cleanable

·         Option for self-adhesive backing


Typical Applications

·         Stray light absorption / suppression

·         Optical packaging

·         Laser devices

·         IR systems

·         Passive thermal control

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