Acktar Advanced Coatings
Acktar Advanced Coatings
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Products & Services

Black Coating Services
Black Coating Services

* Stray light suppression
* All shapes and materials
* Discrete parts components
Semi -Specular coated foil

Available formats: rolls, sheets, pre cuts

Applications include

  • Stray light absorption / suppression - UV, visible, IR
    • IR detector cold shields
    • Space-borne optical systems
    • Detector and optical system parts - cooled and un-cooled
    • Sharp edged diaphragms & blades
    • Optical packaging
  • Available as coated foil and self-adhesive tape in rolls
  • Black bodies, laser energy meters, thermal radiation detectors
  • Passive thermal control coatings with tailored absorptance/emittance - black, white, or selective
  • Black layers for contrast enhancement in displays and LED modules
  • Solar energy absorbers
  • Applications requiring ultra-high specific surface area
  • High performance capacitor/battery electrodes
  • Nano-porous materials

Features & Advantages

  • completely inorganic
  • thin
    • conforms to sharp edges
    • enhances compliance with part tolerances
    • low coating mass
  • extremely low outgassing
  • wide-range thermal stability
  • excellent adhesion to metals, glass, ceramics, heat-resistant polymers
  • high vibration stability
  • abrasion resistant
  • high resistance to solvents (acetone, alcohol)
  • tailored thermal conductivity
  • tailored electrical conductivity
  • bonding  of lenses/baffles  on top of  Acktar coating allowable
  • no particulation
  • high resistance to ATOX and space radiation
  • environmentally clean process


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