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vacuum coating machine

Vacuum Coater

for High Emissivity Black Coatings Manufacturing Acktar's Vacuum Systems produce the world's best performing (IR) black absorbing coatings. The systems were developed on the basis of more than 10 years experience in the design and construction of vacuum Systems for light absorbing coatings. The machine and process are suitable for a wide selection of applications and parts sizes and can be modified to customer request.
In the highly competitive market of Optical devices Acktar's Systems are important elements for success, combining the "blackest" coating in the market at relatively low cost. The processes are suitable for all cold shield formats and other parts.
The combination of process technology and systems from Acktar constitute a turn-key solution for Acktar 's licensees and will allow Acktar customers to enjoy the performance advantages by in house production.
Following is a list of major applications of the Acktar Vacuum Coating Machine:
  • Internal parts of Optical Systems
  • Cold shields and other IR Detectors parts
  • Emitters, blackbodies
  • Laser Power and Energy Meters
  • Black visible and IR light appliques
  • Thermal radiators for thermal control system (with pre-determined solar absorptance / thermal emittance ratios)
  • Black matrices and layers for FPDs, OLEDs & LCDs
  • Parts for Thermographic cameras ,Night vision systems
  • Radiation absorbing layers for Temperature sensors
  • Black absorber targets and tapes
  • Heat dissipation coatings for electronic systems  


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