• 2 metal components coated with the blackest black coating
  • metal component coated with the blackest black coating
  • component coated with the blackest black coating
  • component coated with the blackest black coating
  • component coated with the blackest black coating
  • black coating roll and lables


Acktar Ltd.

Acktar is a world leader in light absorption materials and coatings and provides solutions for the suppression of stray light in wavelengths VIS, SWIR and MWIR.

With our super black materials (the real blackest black), Black Foils and Direct Coatings, we offer the blackening of opto-mechanical components. It is also available for light trapping applications such as lens housings, light baffles, IR sensors, UV sensors, passive infrared detectors, black bodies, light detectors, UV absorbers, etc.

Our Metal Velvet™ Black Foil is the world's blackest black available as an industrial coating that has below 1% total (hemispherical) reflectance at wavelength range 10nm-10,000nm.
Metal Velvet™ has an ultra-diffusive black matte finish exceeding major optical black paints and layers.

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Acktar Black Foils - They are Out There – In Space

Providing VIS, SWIR and Mid-wavelength infrared absorbing black coatings for stray light suppression in space applications, Acktar is the Supplier of Choice for various ESA and NASA projects - James Webb Space Telescope, Bepi Colombo, EnMap, Metis - Solar Orbiter and many more. See Acktar space heritage.

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Customer Testimonials

Component coated with fractal black coating
"… I was very impressed not to see ANY effect on the coating from shining onto it with up to 3500W of laser power in a 18mm diameter beam! It’s definitely the blackest material I ever saw. Actually it performs even better than the coatings on the power meters I use, which tend to burn in at these power levels…"
David Toebaert - E.L.A.S. NV
Component coated with fractal black coating
"…The samples withstand the cryogenic conditions during measurement without problems. The main advantage of Fractal Black coating for us is the relatively high blackness at low temperatures (10K-50K) of the source of the thermal radiation achieved by small thickness of the coating (thin layer which is 40 times thinner than our epoxy layer) ... "
Tomas Kralik - ISI Brno
Component coated with fractal black coating
"I was very impressed from your black coating its ability to be very thin and yet good absorber. The black coating of Acktar made a difference in our light targets performance..."
David Metzger - Optic R&D Group, Given Imaging