Bioanalytics - Acktar black coatings: geringe Autofluoreszenz


Bioanalytics & LifeScience – circle for future health

The corona crisis is currently showing us the enormous importance of health and medical infrastructure. How do we achieve a test infrastructure that appropriately considers such results as the current one around COVID 19 in the future and offers fast and precise analysis and diagnosis options? In addition to a new understanding of public health, the rapidly advancing digitization and networking will also have a major impact on the future potential of medical diagnostics. Transdisciplinary collaborations between science and medicine will probably lead to new approaches and an integrated understanding of medicine. The need for efficiency increases in bioanalytic contrasts with the trend towards ever more differentiated individual diagnostics. There is also the critical factor of time. These conflicting objectives could be met on the one hand by innovations in the field of mobile diagnostic tools, on the other hand by optimizing the optical signal detection and increasing the throughput speed.


Improvement of signal strength & detection speed in bioanalytic


An important part of the technology in the medical field & life science is based on optical recognition. Infection diagnostics are faced with the permanent evolution of the pathogens, which is accompanied by a constant challenge for the right test method. The right combination of sensitivity and specificity is important. Therefore, the individual optimization of light and the suppression or avoidance of unwanted light signals is extremely important for bioanalytics. The time factor is also essential in situations such as a pandemic, which can be positively influenced by high throughput. ACKTAR’s deep black products and components achieve a better detection ability by increasing the signal strength and consequently also a higher speed and efficiency in analysis and diagnostics.


Hochdurchsatztest für SARS-CoV-2


In ein Projekt mit einem auf Molekulardiagostik spezialisierten Unternehmen fließen tiefschwarze Produkte von ACKTAR ein. Das neu entwickelte Multiplex-Assay für SARS-CoV-2 ist ein Echtzeit-RT-PCR-Test für den vollautomatischen Hochdurchsatz. Es kann die Ergebnisse in etwas mehr als einer Stunde liefern und bis zu 288 Patientenproben in einem kontinuierlichen Workflow mit wahlfreiem Zugriff laden, was zu On-Demand-Tests mit hohem Durchsatz führt. Die Multiproben-Mikrofluidik-Readersysteme sind skalierbar, um den flexiblen Anforderungen eines klinischen Labors gerecht zu werden.

ACKTAR‘s schwarze Trägermaterialien und Systemkomponenten zeichnen sich durch nahezu null Autofluoreszenz aus. Dank dieser Eigenschaft wird eine höhere Signalqualität bei der Fluoreszenz-RNA-Quantifizierung erreicht und die Laborproduktivität erhöht.

High throughput test for SARS-CoV-2

In a project with a company specializing in molecular diagnostics, deep black products from ACKTAR are incorporated. The newly developed multiplex assay for SARS-CoV-2 is a real-time RT-PCR test for fully automated high throughput. It can deliver results in just over an hour and load up to 288 patient samples in a continuous, random access workflow, resulting in high throughput on-demand tests. The multi-sample microfluidic reader systems are scalable to meet the flexible requirements of a clinical laboratory.


Signalqualität optimieren



Higher signal quality in fluorescence RNA quantification

The in vitro technique “reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)” for gene expression uses fluorescence pulses for signal recognition. The fluorescence signals are measured in real time or their accumulation visualized and used to verify specific DNA fragments. This method requires the lowest possible background fluorescence or intrinsic fluorescence of the carrier materials and system components in order not to impair the signal detection and to be able to exclude external signals. Because of their very low native fluorescence, ACKTAR products can guarantee this. The reduction of the false signals caused by autofluorescence to a minimum leads to the best possible contrast and to an increase in signal intensity and quality. This property of the deep black ACKTAR products, which are also biocompatible, RoHs-compliant and, due to their surface properties, ultra-high binding, can be used to improve throughput, speed and accuracy of integrated real-time PCR systems.

ACKTAR’s blackened components such as microarray slides, perforated plates or microtiter plates as well as the direct coating of the lighting and detection channel in the optical beam path of the instrument help to significantly improve the signal quality.

Spectrofluorometer measurement of the fluorescence return photons

Spectrofluorometer measurements show the low number of fluorescence return photons collected per pulse. The diagrams opposite show a particularly high difference to conventional black coatings in the ultraviolet spectrum

Mobile bioanalytics – real time PCR for DNA & RNA sequencing (COVID 19)

compact mobile real time PCR 
Mobilizing health and diagnostic tools and developing portable bioanalytical tools can help reduce costs and increase efficiency, as well as faster analysis. Deep black components from ACKTAR are currently being used in a portable test system for COVID 19. With the aim of detecting and curbing the SARS-CoV-2 virus within populations, RNA sequencing can be carried out using real-time PCR – regardless of location. Through continuous patient and population screening, the virus and immune response can be characterized and the effectiveness of vaccines and therapies can be evaluated. Treatment options and information about coinfections can be derived.




Reduction of fluorescence noise in fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry

In fluorescence microscopy, ACKTAR products also ensure the best possible fluorescence noise. To make specific structures visible, light-emitting dyes are applied to the objects and samples. In particular, if the signals of interest are very weak, native fluorescence of the carrier materials and slides would make detection very difficult because they could overlay or falsify the desired signals.
ACKTAR products can also be used in flow cytometry.


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